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To prepare for your upcoming class:

  1. Find the class you registered for in the drop downs below.
  2. Expand the drop down for your class.
  3. Download your class materials (Student/Participant Manuals and Ready Reference Guides) for FREE. Printing them is optional.
  4. For blended learning (Online + Classroom) classes – Use the online course link to go to the online portion of your class.

IMPORTANT! (for Blended Learning ONLY: Online + Classroom)
All participants must complete the online course prior to class, and provide proof of completion by:

Printing your online course completion record and showing it to your instructor
Showing the completion email from your cell phone

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… to download your class materials and get your online course link (for blended learning classes)

Student / Participant Manuals and Reference Materials:

Link to Online Course:

Student / Participant Manuals and Reference Materials:


The online course cannot be taken on a tablet or smartphone. To properly run the online course you must use a Flash-enabled computer with a high-speed connection.

For best results use Chrome browser, disable pop-up blockers and enable Flash Player in your browser settings.