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Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED Online Training

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American Red Cross Baby CPR online training

American Red Cross
Child and Baby
First Aid/CPR/AED

This American Red Cross Child and Baby First Aid CPR/AED Online Training will prepare you to recognize and respond to a variety of First Aid Emergencies as well as Cardiac and Breathing Emergencies. This course covers:

  • Covers skills for Children and Infants
  • Performing CPR and using an AED
  • Recognize and Care for someone who is Choking
  • Also learn about burns, bleeding, poisoning, and more…
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Recognizing Cardiac emergencies

Learn how to recognize a heart attack as well as cardiac arrest and take the proper actions to give the person needing help the best chances of survival.

Red Cross heart attack online training
Depth of CPR compressions for infants

Performing CPR

Learn the proper technique for performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, also known as CPR, on a Child or Infant in Cardiac Arrest

Using an AED

Learn how to ready an Automated External Defibrillator, also known as an AED, and use it administer a shock for a Child or Baby in Cardiac Arrest

AED Certification
American Red Cross Infant Choking

Caring for A Choking Child or Baby

Learn how to recognize and care for a choking child or infant who is alert and awake, as well as what to do if a person passes out from choking

Responding to FIrst Aid Emergencies

Learn how to care for bleeding, burns, broken bones, heat related emergencies, stroke, poisoning, diabetic emergencies, concussion, and more...

First Aid Classes and Certification
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