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FREE Hands-Only CPR Classes

FREE Digital Participant / Student Manual included! Same Day American Red Cross Certification! (Valid for 2 Years) This is a classroom only course, no online course is required. This class is NOT for Healthcare Providers (Please take our BLS course if you are in healthcare!) Note: This class does not include First Aid. Duration: 3.25 hour class time <div class="enrollware" data-kce-name="keycpr" data-kce-id="178212"></div>

FREE Digital Participant / Student Reference included!
Recommended for: Anyone interested in learning Hands-Only CPR who doesn’t need a certification.
• If you want a CPR Certification or would like to take the full CPR Class please take one of our CPR Certification Classes (Recommended for most people).
• This class is NOT for Healthcare Providers (Please take our BLS course if you are in healthcare!)
Duration: 30 minutes

Hands-Only CPR Classes

Hands-Only CPR training teaches valuable life saving skills that can prepare you to properly respond in the event of a Cardiac Emergency. It could save the life of someone close to you.

Hands-Only CPR is a breakthrough. It’s a fast and easy way to learn important CPR skills while being accessible to everyone. Hands-Only CPR streamlines the normal steps of CPR to chest compressions only, no rescue breaths (mouth to mouth) are used in Hands-Only CPR. The steps may be fewer but the results are amazing, Hands-Only CPR saves lives every day. Sign up for a class today!

* Hands-Only CPR Courses do not offer Certifications. If you need a CPR Certification for a job or would like to take a full standard CPR class (which covers much more info) that can prepare you for a range of different emergencies please take one of our CPR Certification Classes (Recommended for most people).

Why Would Key CPR Offer Free CPR Classes?

At Key CPR, we believe that everyone should have access to learn lifesaving CPR skills. Some people do not have the time or money to take a full CPR Certification course. For those people, Key CPR’s FREE Hands-Only CPR Class can be a great way to prepare for a Cardiac Emergency situation. To make sure these classes are available to everyone in our community we are providing monthly training free of cost to anyone who would like to participate. We are committed to working with our community to make it a safer place to live, work, and play.

Why Hands-Only CPR?

Hands-Only CPR is all about accessibility. The Hands-Only class has been designed so that time and money are not barriers to getting trained to save lives. In fact, it only has 2 steps:
1) Check and Call: Check the person for responsiveness/breathing and Call 9-1-1 immediately if are not responsive or breathing.
2) Perform Hands-Only Chest compressions

Why is Hands-Only CPR so Important?

According to the AHA, about 70% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in the home, which means if you need to perform Hands-Only CPR you very likely could be using it to save the life of a friend or family member. Even if you are trained in full CPR (chest compressions + rescue breaths) you may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to perform full CPR. Hands-only CPR is a technique that can be used to perform CPR on a person who otherwise might not get care.

Hands-Only CPR vs Full CPR?

Full CPR (chest compressions + rescue breaths) is still the top level of care. Key CPR does provide training and certification on Full CPR in our Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED course. Full CPR has been shown to drive higher survival rates in children and infants compared to Hands-Only CPR. Hands-Only CPR is very effective on adults and can be used to provide care if you are unable to perform rescue breaths or if you are not trained in Full CPR. Hands-Only CPR gives someone a much higher chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest than if they received no care at all. 

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